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Prep 2nd - 4th grades

Middle School JV 5th & 6th grades

Middle School Varsity 7th & 8th grades

Practices start November 17th:  

Practices are Tuesday and Thursdays from 6 pm - 8 pm at the new Field Day Park!

No practice on the following days
November 26th
December 22 24,29, or 31

End of season is March 6th

COVID19 Adjustments:
  We are not going to be able to just do what we want to do the way we’ve always done it.   We have a plan that keeps us on the good side of health department rules & guidelines.   Registering and playing rugby is a CHOICE – please understand that if you choose for you and your family to participate – you are also choosing to follow our rules as well.  It’s not awesome for anyone, but it is what we need to do and what will keep us being able to play.   Here are the rules/ procedures (of course these will be changed/ modified as dictated by NC Dept. of Health):

  • Players/ Coaches will wear a mask to practice check-in (players can remove if they desire once they are in the practice area)
  • Everyone entering the practice area will be temperature checked
  • Coaches will wear a mask IF they are going to be closer than 6 feet to players during practice
  • No parents, siblings, spectators, friends will be allowed into the practice area
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use and mandatory to use upon leaving practice
  • Players MUST bring their own water – no sharing
  • All communal equipment will be sanitized after each practice (balls/ crash pads/ etc)
  • Players will be asked to keep distanced when possible, especially during water breaks and idle time at practice
  • Anyone with symptoms or a temp of more than 99.1 will not be able to enter the practice area – they will be allowed to return only AFTER 14 days with no symptoms OR a negative test result.
  • When we start having matches, spectators will be required to wear a mask and maintain as much social distancing as possible (if you are clearly more than 6 feet away from anyone else you can remove mask – but WILL be required for entry/ exit to game days)

It’s a lot and we’ve all been dealing with it for a long time.  We get that.   We don’t have to like it, we just have to abide by these simple rules to be allowed to get some rugby in.

Practice & Playing Note:   We will have a few adjustments in how we practice and play the game as well.   Right off the bat, as we get rolling, we will NOT be using scrums, line-outs or rucks.   We hope to transition back into these components of the game, but that will be driven by close-contact rules defined by the state health department   So, while we can tackle, run, pass, kick, etc… some of the more prolonged and potentially face-to-face aspects of the game will be removed, at least for the short-term. 

To that end, we are prepared to wear masks when actually playing IF it means we can do full-on rugby.  That may be the case later.   To that end, CJRA has already ordered special sports masks for each of our players and we will have those ready and on-hand when/ if they need arises.  Some of you may be familiar with the Rugby League style of the game – that is likely similar to how we will start out.   In a perfect scenario we will transition to full rugby later in the winter season.   In all of this, if our choices are “modified or nothing” we choose modified 10 of 10 times.  Our kids need to be out there playing rugby!!

These are CJRA requirements that LWAA must follow.  Thank you for your understanding....

Carlos Guerrero
LWAA Rugby Commissioner

Can be reached via eMail:  [email protected]


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