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Lake Wylie Athletic Association Little League Baseball

LWAA FALL 2019 Baseball Registration is OPEN! 

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Each team will have a limited amount of spots and all spots are first come, first serve.  We strive to be able to include everyone in the program, but in order to make sure each team has a reasonable amount of children, we do have to set limits.  The earlier you register, the sooner we will know if we need to try to find more kids to fill a team, etc. :)  So keep an eye out for when you can register!

The LWAA Baseball program is for boys and girls who want to play and develop baseball skills and ideals--no matter how far they want to take their baseball future. LWAA will offer every player the guidance/coaching to start from scratch or continue to develop their current skill set. LWAA Baseball's goal is to work toward competitive play, while assuring that the purity of fun team-focused baseball is never lost. We feel that helping every ball player set goals and develop skills is an avenue that will help that child with life skills, school work, and the ideals of a true team player. 

LWAA Baseball is dedicated to making our area's baseball community a leader in core skills and sportsmanship, with a focus on team and family. No matter if a player wants to play youth baseball or progress to be a future Clover Eagle or beyond--the LWAA Baseball community will use every resource to assure a fun and positive environment.

  • Little League provides age groups for all leagues.  This year, we will be making the move to only allowing league ages 9 , 10 and 11 in the minors division.  League aged children 11-13 will play in the intermediate division.  The only exception to this rule is if playing in the Intermediate division causes a safety risk for a child. (special needs, etc)  This will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Please see the Little League Age Chart on our website to see what age group your child falls into.  League age and actual age may be different, so please refer to the chart.  As in previous seasons, Tee Ball will consist of ages 4-6 and Coach Pitch will have children 6-8 years old.
  • Teams will be redrafted each season to maintain balance within the league.  Each team in each division will have one assistant guaranteed per team.  The children of these coaches will automatically be on the team.  All other children will be drafted to teams.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know!


Baseball Commissioner
[email protected]

We are always looking for volunteers to help with coaching, fields and grounds.  Because we do not know how many teams we will have ahead of time, we cannot assure anyone a coaching spot until we know what we need.  Please email us if you are available to help!


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Program Information

LWAA's Fall and Spring Baseball Divisions

Tee Ball:
Tee Ball Baseball is for boys and girls league age 4-5 years old who want to learn the beginning fundamentals of baseball.  In Tee Ball, players hit a ball off a batting tee. Rules of tee ball are focused on allowing for the coaches to teach the game. The primary goals of Tee Ball are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork.

Coach Pitch: Coach pitch is designed for players league age  6, 7 & 8.  Players who are 6 but have had plenty of tee ball experience and are looking for a new challenge are encouraged to play coach pitch. 

Minors: Minor League Baseball is designed for younger boys and girls with less playing experience. This division allows for younger and less experienced players to develop their skills and is their first introduction to kid pitch. The Minor League division is comprised of kids aged league age 9 thru 11.

Intermediates: This division will be for players league age 11 - 13. Games will now be 7 innings long, leads and pick offs will be incorporated as part of the games.

All players must reside with in LWAA's Little League boundaries in order to participate in any all star tournament events.

Chad Ames
LWAA Baseball Commissioner

Can be reached via eMail: [email protected]


Lake Wylie Athletic Association
President - Jeff Grayson 
Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710

Phone: 704-266-2302
Email: [email protected]
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