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Age Divisions

Lake Wylie uses the Little League age formula to determine each player’s League Age.  This is the age that is used to determine the divisions that a player is eligible to participate in.  Players of similar ages, skills and experience play together; making it a safer and more enjoyable atmosphere while maintaining a good level of competition. 

These are the age groups by Lake Wylie Baseball division:

TeeBall- Ages 4-6 
Machine  Pitch- Ages 6-8
Minors- Ages 9-10  
Majors- Ages 11-13
Juniors- Ages 13-14
Seniors- Ages 15-16

Ages for each division are flexible based on development and for each child's safety.  Exceptions will be evaluated on an as needed basis and only for safety concerns (special needs, etc)  Please contact Baseball Commissioner if you have any questions at [email protected]

Click here for the Little League International Baseball Age Calculator